P84 Youth

Home from Home

Every Tuesday 3 - 5pm

The Basement

The Pelham is excited to launch a short promo video called ‘The Basement’. This short film (60 seconds) captures The Basement, which is next phase of our building redevelopment, with the vision and desire to provide an exciting and flexible space for young people to call their own in Bexhill and Sidley. 

Schools Work

P84 youth is helping to provide safe space for young people in Bexhill Academy, the local secondary school during lunch breaks on a Monday. The aim is to provide a space for young people to talk about issues they may be struggling with, a non-judgemental approach offering support to help young people find healthy ways to improve their own situation.

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Why P84?

Inspired by Psalm 84 in the Bible, we hope The Pelham will become a home from home for you. We want to welcome you as you are, treat you with respect and support you in your life.


P84 Youth is an after school youth club for those aged 11-16. We meet after school on Tuesdays between 3pm-5pm and run special events in the school holidays.


It’s good to hang out with friends and to enjoy a different space from school and home. We’ll always have fun, whether its a conversation in front of a log fire with a hot chocolate or playing table tennis and computer games. We also cook tasty food to eat together! We also have plans to redevelop the Basement as a place to hang out in 2021.
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