Never Looked Back


Sam was attacked in Eastbourne 16 years ago, targeted for the fact that he has a learning disability. It had a terrible affect on his mental health and physical health. Consequently he didn’t leave the house, became obese and struggled with thoughts of suicide.

Sam was one of the very first volunteers at The Pelham, and started working in the kitchen and again, like Liz, saw the RunningSpace group looking so happy and turning up 3 times a week every week. One day, encouraged by The Pelham volunteers he joined a session.

It would be an understatement to say that Sam has never looked back! He has lost 5 stone, he now runs marathons and ultra-marathons. He is a qualified RunningSpace coach, and best of all, he went back to Eastbourne for the first time in 15 years recently to run the Eastbourne 10k, and then the Eastbourne half marathon in March 2020 in 1 hr 28 minutes!


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